do you take this bird...

the big male,
as India ink,
mounts from the rear,
wings half-spread,

I can hear him
in his blackbird
brain gasping


the female meekly
attends to his needs,
not paying a lot of
to this erotic tableau
despite being
a part of it

things to do

to do, twigs
to gather,
nests to build

things to do

if a bird
could yawn

she would

and it's another fine day when nothing happens

it's not
an exciting life I lead,
but I'm not such an exciting guy
so that's just fine with me

no scary movies or conflict for me,
no rushing to and fro chasing dreams
or demons or wealth or power over events

that used to be me, but now I prefer
to start slow in the morning and keep
that pace for the rest of the day

nobody cares much for what I think
of the issues of the day, especially
not those who could make things
so I prefer smaller thoughts
closer to home and closer to me

I like sitting in little coffee shops
writing little poems that come and go
in the larger world like saltine crackers,
crunchy, a little salty on your tongue,
then gone
and mostly forgotten

I like keeping my decisions small,
the flavor of jelly to put on my toast,
the kind of sauce for my pasta, rare
or medium rare when I grill my steak

that's enough excitement for me


Allen Itz is a native South Texan, moving slowly over the years from a small town on the border in deep South Texas to San Antonio and the Texas hill country. He began as a writer in the late 1960's, published a few poems, then quit writing for nearly 30 years. He returned to poetry when he retired several years ago and has since published more than 200 poems in various on-line and print literary journals and has recently released his first book, "Seven Beats a Second" Go to Allen's Website for information on the art, poetry and music that make up his Seven Beats Project.

Copyright © 2006 Allen Itz