The Masculine Condition

The world is
on a sexiness gradient.
Waves of tits
legs, hips
foreheads, lips,
value up
value down.

When the girls
whisper in the back
I can hear
the insides of their mouths
the moist models of
flesh on flesh,
the tiny bubbles bursting.

To Gain Their Lives

In the minds
of perverse old men
women grow into stories.

The real ones
emerge out of our
theoretical fog.

They may have to slap us
to gain their lives.

copyright © 2006 don schaeffer

Don Schaeffer was born in the Bronx, N.Y. in 1940. He holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from City University of New York (1975). He established Enthalpy Press and has published 5 chap books including "Time Meat" and "The Word Cow and the Pig O' Love." ISBN series: 0-9687017 Recent poetry has been published in The Writers Publishing, Burning Effigy Press, "Understanding Magazine" and "Quills" as well as "Tryst." His first book, "Nearly Full" will be released by Owl Oak Press in early Summer.