Dee Rimbaud was born in 1962, in Glasgow, Scotland. Both his parents were artists. He started writing poetry in his teens and was inspired to take his writing seriously after he won the Lochaber High School poetry competition in 1979. He was active in the London poetry scene in the early 80's and published a couple of chapbooks. He also produced an alternative arts/ poetry zine, Dada Dance.

In 1986, he commenced studies at Edinburgh College Of Art, specialising in Sculpture, which he studied to post-graduate level. Whilst at art school he won an Andrew Grant travelling scholarship to India; a John Kinross Scholarship to Florence, Italy; and participated in an exchange programme, studying for three months at L'Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Le Havre, France.

After graduating, he worked in community arts, arts development, film & television, and as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. He did his fair share of less glamorous jobs too, including a six month stint at a fish factory. He's also put in a great many unpaid hours as editor of Acid Angel magazine and The AA Independent Press Guide.

Dee's great passion is travel. He spends as much time as is humanly possible on holiday and is as happy hitching round the back roads of Ireland as he is climbing volcanoes in Indonesia. His favourite country is India, and he never tires of telling people how he met his true love there. It was on a bus from Hospet to Hampi, and their first kiss was in a ruined temple in the light of the full moon.

Dee's true love is Su Bainbridge, one of the most positive, generous and bright spirits you're ever likely to meet: she's certainly the most positive, most generous and brightest spirit he's ever met; and she's been the inspiration behind many of Dee's more recent poems, like Awakening To The Light . Dee and Su have one daughter, Rosie Sunshine, who was born on the Autumn Equinox of the first year of the New Millennium.

Dee, Su and Rosie will shortly be abandoning the straight and narrow path of the householder for a more reckless existence as New Age Gypsies. At the time of writing - February 2006 - possessions are being shed, bedrooms are being painted, filing cabinets are being whittled down and van conversions are being explored. Dee has commenced a travel blog , which outlines his family's preparations for their big adventure and will eventually give you the lowdown about life on the road.

One of the many projects Dee has to bring to completion before his departure is The Book Of Hopes And Dreams , a charity poetry anthology, which will raise funds for Spirit Aid 's operations in war-ravaged Afghanistan. He is also working on a third collection of poetry, 'Red Dreams And Razorblades', which he hopes to have ready for publication before the year is out.

Dee's most recent collection, Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels (Bluechrome, 2004), was short listed for numerous awards and won first place equal (with George Wallace, the Long Island Poet Laureate) in The Poetry Kit's Favourite Poetry Book Award, 2005. His first collection was The Bad Seed (Stride, 1998)

Dee's debut novel, Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God (Bluechrome, 2004) is a love story for The Chemical Generation.

DEE RIMBAUD is an artist and writer, living in Glasgow, Scotland.  He is author of two full-length collections of poetry, 'The Bad Seed' (Stride Publications, 1998) and 'Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels (Bluechrome Publishing, 2004).  His novel, 'Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God' will be published by Bluechrome in September 2004.  His poetry, prose, short stories and artworks have appeared in over two hundred print and internet magazines, journals and anthologies  worldwide.  A web-site of his writing and artwork can be seen at


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