Artist Statement

I draw mostly in black and white using a lot of black indian ink on paper…the reason is that I like strong feelings, strong contradictions …contradiction creates an eternal war between black and the white…

The white sheet of the paper is my mind…or a part of my mind,my mind without thoughts ….the lines, the strong brushfuls of ink, black…are my thoughts and my feelings.

I'm not a simple soul & mind…I have various, many souls in my soul…many minds in my mind…so my artwork is dark & dreamy, chaotic & anarchic, strong & hallucinatory, disturbing, freaky, weird.

To draw is a way to know myself; I don't know if it's always so. I draw and I draw all the time because I like this strange work I've created for Claudio, for myself.

I was born in Catanzaro(1962-Italy) where I live and I work…I’m an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, journalist…free lance.I’ve been active for many years in the international underground scene; I’ve collaborated and I collaborate with many magazines of contemporary art, literary and comics in Italy and all over the world. (For a complete list of publications and exhibitions, visit Claudio's site.)

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