The Sound Of Passion

one pig keeps singing
ten pigs keep singing
one hundred pigs keep singing
one thousand pigs keep singing
ten thousand pigs keep singing
the deafening sound of passion
enough love song
just too long
too loud
too much

Meow and Mu

when a cat says "Meow"
the cat is saying "Mu"
this is the essence of Meow

when a man says "Mu"
the man is imitating a cow
this is the essence of Mu

if I don't make any sense
I am speaking nonsense
this is the essence of sense

copyright © 2006 suchoon mo

Suchoon Mo is a former Korean Army Lieutenant and a retired academic living in the semiarid part of Colorado.   His poems and essays appeared in such publications as East and West, Religious Humanism, Riverside Poetry, Dissident Editions, The Surface, Snakeskin, Bitter Oleander, Poetic Voices, Thunder Sandwich, Spillway Review, Subtle Tea, Quill and Ink, Full Moon, Stylus Poetry Journal, Sage of Consciousness, Underground Window, Sentinel Poetry.    He has also authored a number of research papers about perception of time.  He composes orchestral music even though he has no formal music education.