Artist Statement

Through my art, I try to give life to ideas — ideas that have manifested themselves as faces and figures in my work. As a collection, they are figurative representations of abstract thoughts. An aura of kindness, insight, and spirit flows from each one revealing its soul and character to viewers in unique ways.

My recent Landscape Work is a window to space and freedom. I find myself floating in and out of these atmospheric worlds as I paint them. To some, they are simply color compositions, which is no insult to me, because they are certainly that, as well. These paintings work particularly well in spaces that require some serenity. They are a new area for my exploration, and I am finding it rewarding as it is expanding my range as a visual artist.

The Retrospective includes work spanning the last ten years. Much of it is spread across the world. From here in the midwest, to the East and West Coast; the Dominican Republic to Sweden.

The Interiors section is meant to illustrate that the art you love, can work in surprising settings. A modern, abstract cubist face can be right at home in a traditional setting, giving it a spark that few additions can. I have tried to show a variety of pieces in a full spectrum of spaces.

I also like to keep an eye open for interesting art that functions as an investment as well as prized decor for the home. I am your resource for fine pieces, and can locate something that you will adore for decades to come. I carry a small selection at all times, and you are welcome to view these pieces online in the Collection area.

Lastly, the Prints, these graphics are particularly fun for me, as they have a more immediate communication. Solid colors and simple forms prevail. They are meant to be affordable and a way for some beginning collectors to access reasonably priced art.

Enjoy, and thank you.

copyright © 2006 john gerber