The Poet Said

Oh, to be a dolphin

the poet said

Oh to be a mighty

the poet said, really

Oh to be a dolphin
with big muscles

I think he said this

And then something
about a penis, and
money, and John
Coltrane, and

the next thing you
know every single
dolphin in the room
was filing out,
quite politely, because
that is just their nature

and not because they
were offended, because
dolphins do not understand
anything really about

but it was getting late, and
even though dolphins are not
nocturnal, they know a
good thing when they see
it, and

they saw it, outside the
window looking in, and I
could be wrong, but I think
it was a fat short welsh guy
with curly black hair holding
a little sardine in his mouth.

He might have been Dylan Thomas,
but it does not matter. The
important thing is, whoever he was,
he was holding a sardine in his mouth.

copyright © 2006 ricky garni

Ricky Garni is a graphic designer who lives in Carrboro, North Carolina, USA. His work can be found in OYSTER BOY REVIEW, DEFENESTRATION, STIRRING, MI POESIAS, CAN WE HAVE OUR BALL BACK?, BULLFIGHT REVIEW, as well as on his blog, Crispy World. Mr. Garni rides a bicycle called The Flying Chocolate.