In the Small Hours

I fantasize about changing my name to
Ole Rolvaag and telling everyone that I
wrote the acclaimed Giants in the Earth,
first in Norwegian, then in English.

“Yes, that was me,” I’d say, “back in ’27.”

The crush of vast anonymity would
lift from me like a cup of dandelion fluff.
All my troubles solved with just a small
revision. My second fantasy involves
receiving a letter that reads:

Dear Sir,
We are flattered by your interest
but please obsess about something else.
Sincerely yours,

But until that happens, I will dream--

O if I were Ole Rolvaag
all my problems would float away.


Sharon Suzuki-Martinez is happy to live in Minneapolis where
she is a public relations writer and a board member for the
Loose-Leaf Poetry Series. Recently published in: Double Dare Press, Speakeasy, Columbia Poetry Review, Twin Crossings,
and Scary Squirrel World.