Remember Thee

Your dancing eyes like precious jewels
reflecting joyful inner glee
so fill my heart with sweet renewal
thus I would pray remember thee.

Your soul which mirrors heaven's gaze
would fill an artist's gallery
of precious smile and loving face
thus I would pray remember thee.

Then decades whence my vision dims
while resting by the open sea
I'll dream we kissed upon a whim
thus I would pray remember thee.

And in one thousand years or more this fragment of pale gallantry
will manifest your charming grace and all will pray remember thee.


I have had four poems published at RaggedEdge (WINTER TEARS, ALONE, TO KNOW YOU, SUMMER'S BREATH), two poems published at the (APRIL'S REIGN
and IN LOVING MEMORY), one poem at the Whispers of Wickedness website (AWAKEN), I sold one poem which appeared in the last and latest
issue of ShadowGlass Magazine (AUNJANU), and I just recently sold the poem "CANNONEER" to Paradox Magazine for their December 2005 issue.
My short fiction has appeared in over one dozen webzines during the past three years.