This issue was late - we passed September, then December and now it's the end of January. I wish to thank all the contributors who were extremely patient and understanding about the delays. In case you haven't heard, I took on a new job last year and it's become a full-time inconvenience; we switched over to a new server and had to go through submissions all over again. We had some mix up with some emails, but over all, none were amiss.

Originally, September's Issue was going to be on a theme of the Twin Cities' (Minneapolis & St. Paul) writers, poets and artists. Since September's Issue never materialized, my apologies to those who were pushed back. We still have several writers, photographers, and artists from the Twin Cities to be featured. In the meantime, I added a small section under "Accidental Art" - photos I'd been taking of Minneapolis and coincidentally, on ruins.

Grateful acknowledgement to Elisabeth Coughlin for granting permission to feature Richard Zola. In the spirit of poetry and poets, I'd like to bring to your attention this announcement:

Elisabeth Coughlin and Christina Conrad are embarking on a project to publish a substantial collection of Richard's poetry. To this end they are seeking contributions from poets and friends who would like to make this a reality. Those who are interested in contributing money (they will be credited in the book and receive a copy or copies depending on their investment) should contact Christina Conrad at She will respond personally to every expression of interest. ~best billy marshall stoneking

Thank you for reading our journals. Enjoy ~ Editors