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Rosa Revsin (Buenos Aires 1940), has worked in advertising photography, photojournalism and institutional photography. Since 1988, she has been working exclusively in theater, dance and artwork in photography. Being trained by Juan Travnik–in the historical and esthetical aspects–since 1983, she has been working part time as a teacher in the visual arts, coordinating author photography workshops and research groups on Image Semiotics. She develops these activities not only in Buenos Aires, but also in different places inside the country. Since 1981, she has been the head of the History of Visual Arts and History of Music in the High Music Conservatory Manuel de Falla (Buenos Aires) to which positions she accessed due to her “Remarkable Background”.

In Buenos Aires, her images have been exhibited in prominent Art Galleries and Foundations, in individual and collective shows. Abroad, she has had major shows in Punta del Este (Uruguay), San Juan de Puerto Rico, Madrid, Frankfurt, Houston, Corpus Christi (USA ), Athens, New York, Brussels, Newport (Wales), Milano, London and Miami; and in individual shows and as part of important European Photography Festival.

Her portfolios may be found in the Museo del Barrio-New York LatinAmerican Photography files, as well in The Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires Permanent Collection of Argentine Photography.


Artist Statement

I am a photographer

To know that going back is not possible, to find that memory is not enough
and everything is unavoidably ephemeral...then, capturing what seduces me
is the only way.

Photographing is to recover my scattered fragments.
Photographing means possession in its pure state:
killing things so they do not die.

Sometimes I find what I am looking for.
Sometimes I find what I am not looking for.
Sometimes I don’t know what I am looking for.

Finally, I certainly believe as Oscar Wilde did that the mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.