Marianne's Diary 49

On the hill
Against the horizon
Six black paper dolls
Lift hands
Toward a black
Paper circle,
Although paper
Hands wear
Paper handcuffs.
Six black paper
Dolls dance
Although paper
Feet paper shackled.

Marianne's Diary 51

The moon
Drops down
A long ladder,

Almost Every person
Puts on
Iron shoes.

The bare footed
Turn into
Yellow circles.

Copyright © 2005 Duane Locke

Duane Locke, Doctor of Philosophy, English Renaissance literature, Professor Emeritus of the Humanities was Poet in Residence at the University of Tampa over 20 years.

As of October, 2004 Duane has had 5,000 poems published. Over 2,000 were published in print magazines, such as American Poetry Review, Nation, and Bitter Oleander. He is the author of 14 print books of poetry, and in 2002, added 3 E books, The Squids Dark Ink, From a Tiny Room, and The Death of Daphne.