A Seattle native now living in Spokane, Washington, Teresa has been writing poetry since her early teens. During the past three years she's had over 220 poems published in 60 online and print journals. She is the author of one book of poems "In What Furnace?” available through Amazon. In 1999 she was nominated for the Pushcart by the Melic Review. She has had several short stories published online in Cenotaph and is the author of two as yet unpublished novels. You may reach her at whiteheart_1998@yahoo.com.

Anniversary of Adam's Death at Sixteen

Sister, I can see you there,
slim and industrious
as you weed your tall garden—
a rose patch
with a view of the Bay.

You told me Adam used to lean
from an upstairs window
and call down to you while
you worked the good soil.

Nine years have passed,
you hear his laugh,
see the way he shakes a blonde lock
from his forehead when he talks—
his voice a sweet ringing in the air.

Now, the shutters are closed.
There is no one to watch you
dig and weep, dig and weep. I try
to tell you there will be a resurrection

but even I have a hard time believing.
My faith is slim as a mustard seed
but I pretend—for your sake.