Don Schaeffer: Born in the Bronx, N.Y. in 1940. Established Enthalpy Press and published 5 chap books including "Time Meat" and The Word Cow and the Pig O' Love." ISBN series: 0-9687017
Recent poetry to be published in The Writers Publishing, Burining Effigy Press, and "Understanding Magazine." and read on "The Next Word," a radio show onWTMY AM in Sarasota Florida.

My List Song

Bare walls,
humorless people
with loud voices
dee dum

windy streets
with the sun
protecting itself
behind clouds,
dee dum dee

long Winter,
no relief from Spring
and haunting shoulder joints
threatening all night
dee dum

empty pleasantries
whose novelty
quickly wears away,
ghostly relations
sinking into fantasy
and dream