Daniel Pena is 16 years old, and resides in Austin, Texas. He was first published at the age of 12 and continues to write and make a career out of writing. He is the President and founder of the McNeil Peace Alliance, and continues to work hard to achieve a safer and more tolerant society (especially in times such as these). He is a current NHS, Mu Alpha Theta member, National Young Leader Scholar, and Author. He hopes to attend The University of Texas at Austin.

A Moral Greater Than A Mass

There's a banging at the door, but it's 3 AM.
Could it be but a Squirrel, and nothing more?
The tapping grows harder, and deeper, and stronger!
The splinters are flying
from the banister
And the glass flow is
causing a metallic roar.
But alas, it's 3 AM and the bang is, for me,
nothing more.


A boisterous shiver burns deep in my heart
Like the pangs of hunger of oblivious art
The blood, soaked in gauze and the stain on the moon
Her voice of oblivion resides in my room
So let us grow wings and fly again tonight
To the Rochester suite on the crescent so high
Where Eyre looks down with incredulous eyes
And which Adele will find her equations derived