Amanda Oaks lives in State College, PA. She has been published in Soul Fountain, Lunatic Chameleon, Liquid Ohio, sidereality, Outpost Entropy,Spire Press, Problem Child, Thunder Sandwich, Spitfire Poetics, remark. and the Subterranean Quarterly. She is the Editor and Founder of WORDs DANCE ( a quarterly online journal which she shares her free time, sandwiched between her employment, with loved ones while attempting to have a rowdy social life.

mainline clutch

sometimes her inner dialogue resembles raindrops
snaking across the car window in early June when
she pulls off her skin with her favorite pullover and
drops them to the center of the cream-colored carpet,
she is bare-chested, core exposure is nothing new;
her heart was never a bone to break, just layered thin
with skin and unprotected by the bowed bars of her
ribcage where the boys come and go as they please