I live in Staffordshire, England where I work as a Mental Health Support. My poetry has been placed widely in the UK print small press in magazines such as: Outposts, Poetry Nottingham, Poetry Bradford, Pennine Platform, Monkey Kettle, Raw Edge etc. My poetry has or will soon be found online,at amongst others: Tryst, Remark, This is it, Openwide, Zygote in My Coffee, Poetrykit, Stirring, Pemmican, Warm Angel Whisky etc...


An ambulance
dazzled at the kerb,
and in a fierce sun a husband
shuffled following a stretcher;
surrounding darkness fled,
hiding inside of him,
his short shadow leaking
that he could not hold.
The vehicle pulled away,
past houses, the park,
and a sprayed wall that
seemed to give the only 'FUCK'.