I’m a high school English teacher at Pacific Hills School in Los
Angeles and a graduate from the MA creative writing program at U.C. Davis. Previously, my work has been published in: Blind Man’s Rainbow, Lucid Moon, Paris/Atlantic, Offerings, Möbius, and Tucumcari Literary Review. Before graduating from U.C. Davis, I won the 2003 University of California Poet Laureate contest. Originally from Córdoba, Argentina, I write both in English and in Spanish and have translated books of poetry by Sandra McPherson and Victor Manuel Mendiola.

The Dream

Remains a dream—
A long wooden desk,
A clean piece of paper,
A view of the sea,
And a sharp pencil.
Nothing in the room,
Save an idea for Art.
It may not happen.
Like a cockroach,
I freeze below the
Foot of the Literary.
I cannot see above
My earthbound eye.


The day I found a Van Goth on the street,
"A Flock of Crows" I believe,
we fought again. The hour changed
ahead, for daylight savings.

"Why do we need to save it?" I said.
"I’m equally fond of the dark."
Your response was a sigh.

Spring brings recommitment
to one’s labor, but the dark morning
forecasts a spiteful idleness.

I said: "Do you think we’ve wasted
three good years of marriage.
You said: "It even looks like a painting,
from far away you’d think it was the real thing."

We forget some clocks, but mind
the ones by which we keep
our jobs, our delicate appointments.
We’re made aware, we shift the hands
with our hands, to save daylight.

I said: "Why do we need to save it?
I’m equally fond of the dark," but
that’s a different kind of investment.