Alice Kelley: Featured Artist




Radiant Swarm
2002 Alice Kelley

Bio: Alice Kelley is an artist with a background in mathematics. Six years ago, she first saw an example of fractal art on a computer and was at once attracted to this unique art form.

In fractal art, the colors and blending of colors are both achieved through the manipulation of equations and their variables and through the blending of layers, which makes fractal art entirely unique, different even than all other forms of computer-generated art.

One of the keys to her success as a fractal artist is her use of intuition and serendipity in her work. Rather than having complete control over the equations and coloring algorithms, she experiments with the hundreds of variables at her disposal and is often very surprised at the end result. Being able to layer fractals on top of one another in the program and carefully manipulate the coloring gradients for each layer can take hours of painstaking work, but there is always joy in a final image that looks and feels perfect.