Poetry By Larry D. Griffin


Jane Before Her Front Door

Against the tortuous turquoise trim and
the dark mad magenta of your front door,
the sun behind me across the dry creek,
your back to the wedged West,
the shadow of your happiness
you cast against your despair.


Larry D. Griffin 2002

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Bio: An Oklahoman, Larry D. Griffin serves as Professor of English and Dean of Arts and Sciences at Dyersburg State Community College, Dyersburg, Tennessee. More than sixty of his essays have been published. His short stories appear in A Gathering of Samphire and Other Stories (Poetry Around, 1990). More than two hundred fifty of his poems have appeared in journals, ezines, and magazines in the United States and abroad. His poetry books include Larry D. Griffin: Greatest Hits: 1968-2000 (Pudding House, 2000), New Fires (Full Count, 1982), The Blue Water Tower (Poetry Around, 1984), and Airspace (Slough Press, 1989). Griffin exhibits his paintings and photographs throughout the United States.